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Top seller bulk dog cotton rope knot chew toys customization

Application:Pet grind their teeth and play

Length 15cm,Height 6cm,Weight91g(±5%)g

Material:Cotton rope
* Can be customized
Commodity attribute


Cotton rope lion

Place of Origin

Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China




Pet grind their teeth and play


Length 15cm,Height 6cm,Weight91g(±5%)g


Cotton rope


Custom (according to customer requirements)


According to the factory




According to customer requirements


0.1kg(Weight with packaging)


1. Clean the dog's teeth comprehensively while the dog is playing.

2. Effectively remove dental calculus, food residue and dirt, and fully protect the dog's dental health.


1. Very suitable for carrying and training your pet.

2. Multifunctional (molar toys), bringing multiple fun to your pet.

3. It can not only enhance the dog’s physique, but also enhance the relationship between the pet and the owner

4. It can not only exercise the dog's physical fitness, but also enhance the tacit understanding between the owner and the dog.

5. Dog toys that can't be bitten or smashed to be broken.

Our advantages

1. Fast delivery-have goods in stock, can be shipped quickly within 3 days.

2. Professional English customer service responds to any questions within 2 hours.

3. Free private label service-put your brand on the product or packaging, FBA label work free service.

4. OEM/ODM-We can modify the design according to your ideas.

5. In order to meet the needs of customers in various markets, we cooperate with many designers all over the world.


Q1: How do I pay for my order? 

A: We accept Paypal, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram. 30% deposit and 70% balance before shipment..

Q2: Do you provide free samples? 

A: For old customers, most of the samples are free. For new customers, full sample payment and shipping are required before we ship, but once you place an order, we will be very happy to refund. 

Q3: Why is your sample more expensive than the unit cost of the quoted price? 

A: Most of our samples are specially made by our sample manufacturers. When calculating material procurement costs and labor costs; the final cost will be much higher than our wholesale price.

Q4: How about after-sales service?

A: We perform 100% inspection during the production process and before packaging. If there is any problem with function and quality, we will provide replacement in the next order.

Q5. How do we guarantee the quality?

A: It is always a pre-production sample before mass production; a final inspection is always performed before shipment;

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