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Indestructible chew cotton rope knot ball pet toy export supplies

Application:Pet grind their teeth and play

Length 30cm, Weight 90(±5%)g

Material:Cotton rope
* Can be customized
Commodity attribute


Hand drawn ball

Place of Origin

Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China




Pet grind their teeth and play


Length 30cm, Weight 90(±5%)g


Cotton rope


Custom (according to customer requirements)


According to the factory




According to customer requirements


0.1kg(Weight with packaging)


1. Fully guarantee the dog's oral health.

2. Cotton rope woven pet toy, the size is 90g, the length is 30cm,and the unit weight is 0.1KG.


1. Teeth grinding and cleaning: Dogs need to grind their teeth frequently. Long-term non-grinding will cause bad mouth smell or tooth decay.

2. Enhance feelings: Interesting toys can replace your company and enhance the feelings between pets and their owners.

3. Molar teeth and clean teeth: clean your teeth, let your pet keep a fresh breath at all times, a healthy mouth, fresh breath, and not a lonely dog.

4. Self-entertainment: While playing, it can also train the pet's biting characteristics to make the pet and the owner more intimate.

5. Comfortable and durable (material) with hypoallergenic, antibacterial and odor absorption, making it an excellent choice for omnipotence.

Our advantages

1. Direct supply from the factory, no intermediary earns the price difference.

2. Patent design, no patent infringement.

3. Professional English customer service responds to any questions within 2 hours.

4. Free private label service-put your brand on the product or packaging, FBA label work free service.

5. 5 production lines & 17+ hydraulic press 70+ highly skilled workers.


Q1: Do you cooperate with small buyers and orders?

A: Yes, we accept small orders or trial orders to test market demand. We are very happy to work with smaller buyers to help them develop their business.


Q2: Why is your sample more expensive than the unit cost of the quoted price?

A: Most of our samples are specially made by our sample manufacturers. When calculating material procurement costs and labor costs; the final cost will be much higher than our wholesale price.


Q3. How do we guarantee the quality?

A: It is always a pre-production sample before mass production; a final inspection is always performed before shipment;


Q4: What are the main products of your factory?

A: Pet leash, pet toys, pet collars, pet nests, pet bowls and other pet products.


Q5: What is the minimum order value of our first order?

Answer: Your decision. Generally, RTS products-10 pieces, OEM products-100 pieces.

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