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Amazon top seller commercial pet cat toys for aggressive chewers

Application:Pet grind their teeth and play

Sun: 65mm; Jupiter: 60m; Saturn: 65M; Neptune: 50mm;

Earth: 45mm; Dynasty Star: 45mm; Mercury: 30m; Mars: 35mm; Venus: 40mm

Material:Felt, cat mint
* Can be customized
Commodity attribute


Cog toy

Place of Origin

Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China




Pet grind their teeth and play


Sun: 65mm; Jupiter: 60m; Saturn: 65M; Neptune: 50mm;

Earth: 45mm; Dynasty Star: 45mm; Mercury: 30m; Mars: 35mm; Venus: 40mm


Felt, cat mint


Custom (according to customer requirements)


500 pieces


Mixed color


According to customer requirements




1.The shape of the product is similar with.... It makes the cat feel real... You can bite as much as you want, so that the cat is not chewing other things.
2.The cat toy is really a wonderful pet appearance, and you and your pet will get compliments through daily use.
3.Relieve the daily anxiety of pets.
4.Let your pets have their own paradise at home.
5.The front is made of (felt and catnip) fabric, seamless stitching, bite resistance and abrasion resistance, and long service life.


1.Teeth grinding and cleaning: Cats need to grind their teeth frequently. Long-term non-grinding will cause bad mouth smell or tooth decay.
2.Stay healthy: Cats usually do not like exercise, which leads to obesity. Seriously affect the cat's health, toys can make the cat move.
3.Enhance feelings: Interesting toys can replace your company and enhance the feelings between pets and their owners.
4.Preferred material: It is made of felt and catnip, which is not only abrasion-resistant and bite-resistant, but also able to clean teeth. The color is bright and be loved by pets.
5.Molar teeth and clean teeth: clean your teeth, let your pet keep a fresh breath at all times, a healthy mouth, fresh breath, and not a lonely cat.

Our advantages

1.There is a spare factory to ensure timely delivery.
2.Professional QC team; R&D team.
3.We also have a professional customer service team abroad.
4.In order to meet the needs of customers in various markets, we cooperate with many designers all over the world.
5.The quantity is reliable and the price is reasonable.


Q1: When can I get the quotation?
A: Our sales staff will usually quote you within 2 hours after receiving your inquiry.

Q2: Can I make custom logos and packaging? Can I use my ideas to design my product?
A: Yes, if you need custom logo or packaging or other designs, please contact us for specific details. We have experienced designers and our own molding factory. According to your requirements, we can design or open a mold, with a competitive price

Q3: Why is your sample more expensive than the unit cost of the quoted price?
A: Most of our samples are specially made by our sample manufacturers. When calculating material procurement costs and labor costs; the final cost will be much higher than our wholesale price.

Q4: What is your standard delivery time and shipping method?
A: Delivery time: For our existing inventory, our delivery time is always 3 to 7 days. For some customized items, our delivery time is 15-30 days. The delivery time is calculated from the date we receive your advance payment.
Shipping method: Regarding sample orders, we can send them by FedEx, DHL, TNT express. We have a 35% discount. Large quantities of goods are shipped by sea according to customer requirements.

Q5: How about after-sales service?
A: We perform 100% inspection during the production process and before packaging. If there is any problem with function and quality, we will provide replacement in the next order.

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